Episode 200 – The Big Acknowledgement, Murder Hornets and Meltyblends

Henry and Mom talk to Dad about reaching episode number 200, (with will) finally acknowledge what just happened, when Mom and Phoebe broke into song, how Will and Henry’s voices have changed since the podcast began, Phoebe and her missionary companion’s funny song about Moses and the Pharaoh, Dad getting mentioned in the Washington Post for bartering sourdough starter, bringing bread to… Read more →

Episode 199 – Cinco de Mayo Disaster, Five-Year-Old Lambo Connoisseur and Connor the Annoying Invisible Goblin

Will and Henry talk to Dad about being at almost 200 episodes, acknowledging what happened, the boredom of the pandemic, feeling down, worse disasters that could happen, light switches, Elizabeth’s relaxing bedroom, Wil learning to play a left-handed guitar, the family’s failed Cinco de Mayo adventure, Will’s fan art getting featured on a YouTube show he likes, and new Foxymorons… Read more →

Episode 198 – Flour Shaming, Skittish Eels, and Gummy Choco

Elizabeth and Elizabeth’s friend Beks talk to Dad about the podcast’s tiny soundboard, William’s new left-handed guitar, pandemic barter exchanges, sourdough again, pandemic gardening, rosemary, avoiding video calls, Elizabeth and Beks’ cat, Sasha’s, interruption of conference calls, the challenge of walking the neighborhood, wild berries, Beks’ first encounter with a pine cone in the wild, Maisy’s anxiety, Sasha’s unexpected pop-ups. … Read more →

Episode 197 – The Flowbee, Mushroom Canoe, and Mom the Cookie Critic

Henry and Allison (Mom) talk to Dad about the pandemic, schools being closed through the end of the school year, Mom cutting the boys’ hair, the Flowbee, socks during the pandemic, yoga balls, setting back the toilet paper doomsday clock, Maisy’s strange uneasiness about taking walks, Henry’s first loaf of sourdough, Elizabeth’s baby bird, social distancing, sidewalk chalk, and Animal… Read more →

Episode 196 – Horror Teeth, Hypnogogic Howls, and Smart Toilets

Will and Elizabeth talk to Dad about Elizabeth being our only family visitor, about sheltering in place and how it makes us grateful we like our family, not being able to make small talk with neighbors, Elizabeth’s creepy horror teeth, kayfabe, alternate reality game, Dad’s sourdough bread, floatees in your eyeballs, shopping looking like bandits, Maisy’s weird and unsettling howl… Read more →

Episode 193 – A Boring and Frightening Crisis, Clothing Optional Conference Calls and the Tiniest Package of Toilet Paper

Elizabeth and Henry talk to Dad about self-quarantine, inertia, online school, the boring and frightening pandemic, learning to play guitar, musicians doing performances online, Dad’s extremely busy time, cooking, taking walks, getting groceries delivered, the tiniest pack of toilet paper, attitudes of people toward the pandemic, Animal Crossing, and Elizabeth’s neighbor group chat.  In the News, there are stories about… Read more →