Episode 109 – Space Grease, Japanese Rock and Peanut Snacks

Elizabeth and Phoebe talk to Dad about World UFO Day, Elizabeth’s Birthday, Koko the Gorilla, Elizabeth’s cats, Phoebe’s upcoming time home alone, and Phoebe’s calligraphy.  The girls and Dad have a quick session of What You Listening To?  (Dad’s pick: the Japanese punk pop band Lucie, Too; Phoebe: new Julien Baker song, Distant Solar System; Elizabeth: Japanese band The Pillows). … Read more →

Episode 103 – Bobkittens, Pangolins and Luxury Melons

Will and Henry talk to Dad about watching the move Solo, summer movies that they’re looking forward to, the last day of school, plans for summer break, the bird that built its nest in the back porch, bees and wasps.  In the News, there’s a story about very expensive Japanese melons, a proposed homework ban, and some stray kittens in Texas… Read more →