Episode 193 – A Boring and Frightening Crisis, Clothing Optional Conference Calls and the Tiniest Package of Toilet Paper

Elizabeth and Henry talk to Dad about self-quarantine, inertia, online school, the boring and frightening pandemic, learning to play guitar, musicians doing performances online, Dad’s extremely busy time, cooking, taking walks, getting groceries delivered, the tiniest pack of toilet paper, attitudes of people toward the pandemic, Animal Crossing, and Elizabeth’s neighbor group chat.  In the News, there are stories about… Read more →

Episode 191 – Eye Contact, The Blarney Stone and Cat Weddings

Henry and Mom (Allison) talk to Dad about concerns about their upcoming vacation, Super Tuesday, “I Voted” stickers, Allison’s ESL classes,  cultural differences, eye contact, stereotypes, and Mormon cat weddings.  In the News, we discuss alien protein from outer space, the demise of the Leaning Tower of Dallas, and Leap Day birthdays.  Finally, for Treat Yourself, we sample a couple… Read more →

Episode 189 – The Leaning Tower of Dallas, Teacher’s Jackfruit and Candy Misfits

Will and Henry talk to Dad about vacation plans, Coronavirus, the Leaning Tower of Dallas, running into Neal Shusterman at the mall, upcoming movies, and Henry’s classmate bringing a jackfruit to school for his teacher.  in the news, there are stories about the discovery of a new scientific taxonomy kingdom, a young girl’s wall that is picking up radio signals,… Read more →

Episode 186 – Trombone Howls, Lazy Cave Salamanders, and Candy Bar Milk

Henry talks to Dad about Henry’s choir, the weather, Roman numerals, the Super Bowl, Henry’s sorcerer band director, pink slips, the Marvel TV shows coming to Disney+, Moon Knight, Henry’s Trombone solo, and Maisy howling along to the boy’s music.  In the News, there are stories about very lazy cave salamanders, someone who received 55,000 copies of the same piece… Read more →