Episode 100 – Jazz Sharks, Time Crystals, and Wojo Ate The Hobo

In this, the 100th (!) episode, all the kids talk to Dad.  First, Henry, Will (and Mom) talk to Dad about their school play, Avengers Infinity War, and William’s allergy testing ordeal. In the News, there are stories about sharks liking jazz, a soldier’s new ear that was grown on her arm, the discovery of a time crystal by Yale physicists, and a school superintendent who was caught pooping on a neighboring district’s high school athletic field.  Mom, Henry and Will take a Dad Quiz about which animals fart.  Phoebe and Elizabeth join and talk to Dad about final exams, Elizabeth’s summer semester, and Phoebe’s future college roommates.  In Family Archives, Dad shares some kids voice files found on Elizabeth’s long-lost mp3 player.  Finally, for Treat Yourself, the podcast tries Blue Bunny Bunny Treats ice cream snacks in two different flavors.

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