Episode 111 – A Fish With Human Teeth, Brain Freeze and Cat Poop Parasites

Will and Henry talk to Dad about vacation and their family reunions in the mountains of Utah and Colorado, raspberry shakes, hiking, seeing a moose, San Pellegrino’s unofficial sponsorship, Snow Moutain Ranch, seeing deer and a porcupine, playing frisbee golf, tubing down a summer tubing hill, ziplining, rock climbing, minigolf, Ant-Man and The Wasp, Henry’s birthday, Nintendo Labo,and games we played on vacation.  Dad gives a Maisy Update and introduces a new segment, Can We Make it Happen on the Podcast.  In the News, Dad shares a science story about how a parasite found in cat poop might decrease fear of failure.  Henry shares a story about how it’s so hot, Dallas Fort-Worth news stations are melting things for fun.  Will talks about a girl in Oklahoma who caught a fish with human-like teeth.  The boys play a quick round of Either/Or, then the podcast samples Yoplait Tastes of Summer flavors of Yogurt.

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