Episode 114 – Oreo Extremes, Pokemon Grandpa and Fake News Quiz

Elizabeth and Phoebe talk to Dad about International Left-Handed Dad, National Filet Mignon Day, Phoebe’s departure, Phoebe’s t-shirt quilt project, Dad’s cancelled California trip, the family’s game night marathon, the greatness of the Zelda games, parapraxis in pop music, Dad’s nightmare, and yet another unpaid Sanpellegrino ad.  In the News, Elizabeth shares a story about a grandpa in Taiwan who is still playing Pokemon Go on a dozen phones at a time.  Phoebe talks about a study that has found eating crickets is good for your digestion.  Dad talks about the Parker Solar Probe, which was just launched by NASA.  Elizabeth gives Dad and Phoebe a Dad Quiz based on real and fake Onion headlines.  Finally, for Treat Yourself, the podcast tries a couple of new limited edition Oreos, Kettle Corn and Cherry Cola.

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