Episode 117 – Dorilocos, Walnut Head Crush and UFO Crash Site

Will and Henry talk to Dad about the crazy weather, what they are liking about school, local accents, things they’ll see when they go to Mexico City next month, dorilocos, axolotls, lucha libre and Captain Marvil.  Dad and the boys countdown their definitive rankings of the Phase Three Marvel Cinematic Universe movies.  In the News, there’s a story about 1000 human teeth found in Melbourne, Australia, a town in Florida that is changing its name from Mayo to Miracle Whip, and a man in India who cracked 217 walnuts with his head in one minute.  The podcast discusses a hypothetical about a UFO crash.  Finally, for Treat Yourself, everyone tries three cold cereals, Nilla Banana Pudding cereal, and Dippin Dots Cookies n Cream and Dippin Dots Banana Split cereals.

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