Episode 124 – Dining Hall Hacks, Nosewarmers, and Pumpkin Pie Candy

Phoebe talks to Dad about college dining hall food hacks, the grocery outlet store, visiting her great-grandparents, sick family members, Maisy’s fondness for playing catch, the party room resident at the assisted living center, Dad’s Japanese studies, Terrace House, the Halloween Howl, hypnotism, Halloween costumes, and Dad’s birthday.  In the news, there’s a story about the recently discovered oldest archaeological site in North America, nosewarmers, a guy who set fire to his parents’ house trying to kill black widow spiders, and another guy who fell down the shaft of a gold mine shaft and fended off rattlesnakes for two days before being rescued.  Phoebe plays a Halloween and Thanksgiving-themed edition of Either/Or. Finally, Phoebe and Dad try some Halloween candy: Pumpkin Pie Flavor Kit Kats and Pumpkin Pie M&Ms.

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