Episode 126 – Plogging, Two Tons of Durian, and Prank Calling the College Kids

In a mostly kid-free podcast, Allison (aka Mom) talks to Dad about the boys’ upcoming long walk, Dad’s trip to Los Angeles, surprising Will on his birthday, Mom’s hectic week, parkour, Dad’s travel mishap, David Chang’s Majordomo restaurant, Little Tokyo, the UCB Theater, the wildfires in California, the cold weather, beanies, people who wear beanies in summer, people who wear lots of scarves, keeping cool with wet bandannas, people who are miserable when they run, and Dad buying a Kinks record, but ending up with a Kanye West record.  In the News, there’s a story about new words added to the Collins dictionary, including single-use, gaslight, plogging, and VAR.  Allison shares a story about a plane that was delayed because of two tons of durian.  Allison and Dad discuss a man in Holland who is suing to take 20 years off his age and some limited edition Thanksgiving-flavored Pringles. Dad and Mom prank call Elizabeth, then Phoebe.  Finally, for Treat Yourself, Will and Henry join to try caramel candies from the Atkinson Candy Company: Coconut Long Boys, Slo Pokes and Black Cows.

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