Episode 127 – Drunk Raccoons, Insulting Board Games and Old-Timey Diseases

Elizabeth talks to Dad about tarantulas, a hypothetical about your least favorite animal, Dad’s visit to the dentist, nitrous oxide, smoothies, Dad’s Coke Zero habit, carbonated sodas, Elizabeth’s two vices, Dad’s upcoming Japanese test, TV dinners, and Elizabeth’s teaching certification test. In the News, there’s a story about “rabid” raccoons that are actually drunk on fermented crab apples. Dad talks about Monopoly for Millennials, a new version of Hasbro’s board game, and a story about a family in New York that thinks it may have found the remains of their father under their basement.  Elizabeth and Dad take a quiz recommended by Mom about diseases and their old time names.  Finally, for Treat Yourself, Elizabeth and Dad try Nestle candy from the UK and Coconut flavored La Croix.

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