Episode 130 – Yoda Marshmallow Roast, Trunk Kids, and Pet Sloths

Will talks to Dad about the weather, making a fire, the zen of roasting marshmallows, Christmas lights, Wreck it Ralph 2, Spider-man Into the Spiderverse, Black Panther’s Golden Globe nomination, the Dark Knight movies, Dad’s experience taking the Japanese Language Proficiency Test, Will’s orchestra Christmas concert, and the Undertale sequel Delta Rune.  In the News, there’s an update about the Dutch man who petitioned the courts to change his age to 20 years younger, a new story about self-driving cars, a kid in Colorado who managed to get a law outlawing snowballs changed, and some very bad people who drove from Arizona to Wyoming with two kids in their trunk.  Will and Dad discuss a couple of hypotheticals about an alien on the doorstep and domesticating wild animals for pets.  Finally, Henry joins the podcast to sample some of 7-11’s holiday-flavored sandwich cookies.

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