Episode 141 – Turnip Valentine, Real-Life Quicksand and Phoebe Dad Quiz

Allison (Mom) talks to Dad (Greg) about Valentine’s Day, Texas winters, Mom and Dad’s weight loss efforts, The Umbrella Academy, upcoming musicals, Anastasia, Rasputin and the Romanovs, and the burden of kids’ homework.  In the News, there’s a story about a man who mistakenly got his wife turnips for Valentine’s Day.  Mom shares a story about someone who actually got stuck in quicksand in Zion National Park, and Dad shares a story about a new scientific study that may reveal why zebras have stripes.  Mom and Dad take a Dad Quiz to see how well they know Phoebe, and call Phoebe to see how she will answer a variety of questions. Finally, for Treat Yourself, Mom and Dad try some Taco Bell Taco Sauce flavored tortilla chips.

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