Episode 144 – A Great Gross, Foot Dexterity and Controversial Peeps

Elizabeth and Mom (Allison) talk to Dad about the number of things in a gross, a great gross, the duodecimal number system, metric, Dan Brown novels, Dante, How to Train Your Dragon 3, Elizabeth’s car’s maintenance, the uneventful Spring Break, vacation plans in Los Angeles, Captain Marvel, movie and TV tropes, Joss Whedon, generic white girls, Detective Pikachu, and Will Smith as the genie in live-action Aladdin.  In the News, the podcast talks about the possibility of water on the Moon, world records for piano concert at high altitude and Rubik’s cube with feet, and Fairhaven, Vermont’s new goat mayor. Elizabeth and Mom take a Dad Quiz where they have to guess who said quotes, taken out of context from the family group chat. Finally, the podcast tries three new flavors of Peeps: pancakes and syrup, root beer float, and sour watermelon.

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