Episode 157 – The Devil’s Taco, Parallel Universes and Shrimp Chocolate Treats

Will and Will’s friend, Ben, talk to Dad about high adventure camp, ziplining, the Devil’s Taco, tightrope walking, cliff jumping, dogs that eat rocks, Spider-Man Far From Home, the Avenger’s Endgame Re-release, and Stranger Things 3.  In the News, there’s a story about a teenage girl who licked Blue Bell Ice Cream and put it back in the grocery store freezer, a science experience designed to test a parallel mirror universe, DNA testing on a shark tooth that was in Florida Man’s foot for 25 years, and a Stranger Things promotion that brought back New Coke.  The podcast plays a few rounds of Would You Rather.  Finally, the boys and Dad try some treats from Japan, including shaved ice flavored gummies, cheesecake candy and chocolate covered shrimp fries.

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