Episode 168 – Big Tex Winners, Area 51 Day and Food-Pokemon-or-Rx Quiz

Henry and Mom talk to Dad about Dad’s work trip to India and Bangladesh, the most populated countries in the world, Vice Principal Larry, Area 51 Raid Day, concussions, Mom’s misdirected text and the Big Tex Choice Award Winners of foods to be sold at the Texas State Fair.  in the News, there’s a story about a woman who showed up at the emergency room because her blood had turned blue, a man who hired a clown to bring to a meeting where he thought he would be fired, and a new world record for the most people opening a soda can at the same time.  Will joins the podcast for a Dad Quiz called “Indian Food, Pokemon or Prescription Medicine.”  Finally, for Treat Yourself, the podcast tries three treats found at the dollar store: Haribo Watermelon, Caruso’s Dark Creme Soda, and Gold Mine Nugget Bubble Gum.

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