Episode 178 – Thanksgiving Leftover Sandwich, Pie Down the Pants and Holiday Cokes

Henry talks to Dad about the holiday season, Thanksgiving, pies, puzzles, the perfect Thanksgiving leftover sandwich. Henry playing “Let It Go” on multiple instruments, white elephant at the church Christmas party, Dad’s work Christmas party, Elizabeth’s teaching certification exam results, and Phoebe’s missionary Thanksgiving.  In the News, there’s a story about Denton, Texas Man who was arrested after having a pie in his pants at Walmart after a Waffle House disturbance, another about Dictionary.com’s word of the year “existential,” and a prehistoric puppy that was discovered by Russian puppies.  Will joins the podcast and we talk about Knives Out.  Then Dad, Henry and Will play a game with Alexa, the Holiday Song Quiz.  Finally, Will, Dad and Henry try holiday limited edition sodas, Winter Spiced Cranberry Sprite and Cinnamon Coca-Cola.

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