Episode 182 – Toilet Paper Pyramid, Cuttlefish 3-D Theater, and Feral Children

Henry and Allison (Mom) talk to Dad about the upcoming 200th episode, Mom listening to old podcast episodes while she walks, horror movie kids, snake stories, the year 2020, New Year’s resolutions, Mom’s TV watching resolutions, Dad’s bad Italian and hand gestures, and Allison’s English as a second language experiences.  In the News, there are stories about scientists finding the source of a mysterious seismic hum, a high school that built the world’s largest toilet paper pyramid, the largest Nerf battle in the world scheduled for Dallas in March, and a science experiment that involved putting 3-D glasses on cuttlefish. Henry, Mom and Dad discuss some hypotheticals found on Reddit (r/HypotheticalSituations), including children raised in the wild, a world where everyone is you, and a 7-year-old meaning of life.

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