Episode 186 – Trombone Howls, Lazy Cave Salamanders, and Candy Bar Milk

Henry talks to Dad about Henry’s choir, the weather, Roman numerals, the Super Bowl, Henry’s sorcerer band director, pink slips, the Marvel TV shows coming to Disney+, Moon Knight, Henry’s Trombone solo, and Maisy howling along to the boy’s music.  In the News, there are stories about very lazy cave salamanders, someone who received 55,000 copies of the same piece of mail, and a Japanese billionaire who canceled his plans to find a girlfriend to fly to the moon.  Henry and Dad discuss hypothetical questions about time-stopping abilities and a valuable item that can’t be sold for money.  Finally, for Treat Yourself, Will joins Henry and Dad and they try three flavors of milk, Twix, Snickers and Banana-Strawberry.

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