Episode 192: Vacationing in Italy During the Pandemic, and Jones Soda

Will, Henry and Mom (Allison) talk to Dad about their vacation to Italy on the cusp of the Coronavirus pandemic, flying from Dallas to Montreal, then Montreal to Rome, having our own jumbo jet almost to ourselves, hand sanitizer, walking around the streets of Rome without crowds, the scenic town of Tivoli, castles, the Roman Forum, the Jewish Ghetto, a friendly restaurant dog, the Mouth of Truth, the fountains and lack of restrooms of Rome, lockdown in Italy, a eight-and-a-half-hour hold times, Italian McDonald’s, cannoli, gelato, empty Roman streets, Allison’s great idea to buy a deck of cards, being stuck at a hotel in Rome during total lockdown, playing cards, then traveling home without incident, and living in quarantine.  Finally, for Treat Yourself, Dad and the boys try three flavors of Jones Soda Co. sodas, including birthday cake, berry lemonade and green apple.

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