Episode 195 – Living History, Alligator Social Distancing, and DPRK Sodas

Henry talks to Dad about how long the lockdown might go on, the way the pandemic has changed the way we watch TV and movies, not having to be places, how we’ll know when the pandemic is over, what we’ll tell our kids and grandkids about the pandemic, ten things we actually like about the lockdown, a Maisy update, the new Pixar movie Onward, and how depressing the news is lately.  In News, there are stories about a county in Florida that is reminding people to keep the space of one large alligator between people at all times, a seventh grader who named the new Mars rover “Perseverance” and Ying Ying and Le Le the pandas in a zoo in Hong Kong that were finally able to mate due to privacy during the lockdown.  Henry and Dad play a pandemic edition of Either/Or.  Finally, Will joins the podcast for Treat Yourself and we try four different sodas, DrPepper & Cream Soda, Mr. Cola, Nuclear Orange Bomb, and Doomsday Lemonade.