Episode 197 – The Flowbee, Mushroom Canoe, and Mom the Cookie Critic

Henry and Allison (Mom) talk to Dad about the pandemic, schools being closed through the end of the school year, Mom cutting the boys’ hair, the Flowbee, socks during the pandemic, yoga balls, setting back the toilet paper doomsday clock, Maisy’s strange uneasiness about taking walks, Henry’s first loaf of sourdough, Elizabeth’s baby bird, social distancing, sidewalk chalk, and Animal Crossing (again).  In the news, we talk about the most dangerous time on the planet Earth (according to paleontologists, a woman who grew a canoe from mushroom, and a woman who ran a whole marathon through the halls of a hotel that was closed due to the pandemic.  We discussion some Would You Rathers about near immortality, garbage dumps vs. cemeteries, and music vs. video games.  Finally, for Treat Yourself, we try three different sandwich cookies from Trader Joe’s: Oat and Greek Yogurt Cookies, Maple Leaf Sandwich Cookies and Cookie Butter Cookies.