Episode 199 – Cinco de Mayo Disaster, Five-Year-Old Lambo Connoisseur and Connor the Annoying Invisible Goblin

Will and Henry talk to Dad about being at almost 200 episodes, acknowledging what happened, the boredom of the pandemic, feeling down, worse disasters that could happen, light switches, Elizabeth’s relaxing bedroom, Wil learning to play a left-handed guitar, the family’s failed Cinco de Mayo adventure, Will’s fan art getting featured on a YouTube show he likes, and new Foxymorons music.  In the News there are stories about a surplus of French fries in Canada and Belgium, a five-year-old who was pulled over on a Utah freeway because he wanted to drive to California to buy a Lamborghini, and a man who was camping on a Disney island and said he thought it was just a tropical paradise.  The podscast discusses a Hypothetical about Connor, an annoying invisible goblin.  Finally, for Treat Yourself, we try Sweetarts Ropes and Sweetarts Sour Gummies.