Episode 200 – The Big Acknowledgement, Murder Hornets and Meltyblends

Henry and Mom talk to Dad about reaching episode number 200, (with will) finally acknowledge what just happened, when Mom and Phoebe broke into song, how Will and Henry’s voices have changed since the podcast began, Phoebe and her missionary companion’s funny song about Moses and the Pharaoh, Dad getting mentioned in the Washington Post for bartering sourdough starter, bringing bread to the Graham family, Henry and Will finding blackberries by the creek, and Mom and Dad seeing a lot of fireflies.  In the News, there’s a story about the largest volcanic eruption ever took place, a 4-foot invasive species of lizard that is taking over in Georgia, so-called “murder hornets,”and the funny tactics that restaurants around the world are using to comply with social distancing.  The podcast plays several rounds of Would You Rather (including a few with Elizabeth, by phone).  Finally, for Treat Yourself, the podcast tries Hot Tamale Peeps and mango flavored Meltyblend (Japanese) candy.