Episode 209 – Korean Corn Dogs, Walls that Drip Honey and Turtle Chips

Allison (Mom) and Will talk to Dad about foreign languages, eating crazy Korean corndogs at a new restaurant, Seoul Frank, anticipation for Henry’s birthday surprises, Dad going into his office for the first time in months, family movie nights, Groundhog Day, and The Hunger Games. In the News, we talk about a new study that suggests dogs have internal compasses that help them figure out where they are going, a Pennsylvania family that discovered thousands of bees inside their house when their walls started dripping honey, a teenage girl that got stuck in a baby swing when a TicToc stunt went wrong, and a metal-eating bacteria that a CalTech scientists discovered by accident.  We discuss a hypothetical list of potential superpowers in Hypothetical.  Finally, we try three different Korean snacks, Turtle Chips in Sweet Corn and Cinnamon flavors and Shin Zzang chips.