Episode 210 – Birthday Surprises, Moon Disaster and Screaming in Iceland

Henry and Allison (Mom) talk to Dad about Henry’s four birthday surprises, our upcoming beach vacation to Alabama, getting birthday wishes from Jay Jackson, the actor who played Perd Hapley on Parks and Recreation, Mom and Dad buying a new (used) minivan, the way Dad gets annoyed at people who can’t or won’t wear face masks correctly.  In the News, we talk about MIT’s Moon Disaster project to teach people about the dangers of deepfakes, a man who tried to fake his own death, but was done him by his typos, and a promotion that allows you to send your screams of frustration to Iceland.  In Fun With Games, Mom, Dad and Henry play a few rounds of Think Fast.  Finally, for Treat Yourself, Will joins, we try two new flavors of KitKat, Apple Pie and Birthday Cake, and Starburst Swirlers.