Episode 212 – Robot Playwrights, Star Teeth and Biscoff Sandwich Cookies

Will and Henry talk to Dad about their end-of-summer beach vacation, listening to The Giver and Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, Dauphin Island, jellyfish stings, Dad slashing his finger with a crab claw, then supergluing it together, Airplane!, school starting, and The Epic Poem: Mastermind by The Real Frii.  In the News, we talk about calcium coming from exploding stars, robots in the Czech Republic who are being taught to write a play, and a wild boar that came out of the Baltic Sea and attacked sunbathers.  We play Movie Quiz with Google. Finally, for Treat Yourself, the podcast tries Biscoff Sandwich Cookies, Vortman Banana and Orange Cream Wafer Cookies.