Episode 221 – Craftmatic Adjustable Beds, Film Noir Guy, and A Corgi Network on the Moon

Will and Henry talk to Dad about Will’s job as an election clerk, voting, Kanye West, Mom and Dad’s new bed, Craftmatic Adjustable Beds, targeted internet ads, this year’s Halloween costumes, film noir, and Henry’s return to in-person school.  In the News, we discuss a disturbing Twinkie that is defying science, a new record for measuring the smallest span of time, , and Phoebe makes a special guest appearance, and a planned 4G network for the Moon.  The podcast plays a game with Alexa, and plays Song Quiz, with the 2000s Alternative genre.  Finally, for Treat Yourself, the podcast tries two new limited edition M&M flavors: Creepy Cocoa Crisp and Chocolate Popcorn.