Episode 225 – Christmas Time is Here!, Fluorescent Platypuses (Platypi) and Garbanzo Beans

Will and Henry talk to Dad about putting up the Christmas tree, Thanksgiving, the boys and Dad’s couch to 5K training, dad’s attempt to buy tickets to The Flaming Lips Space Bubble Concert, bands we wish we could see in concert, the Thanksgiving menu, shrimp pizza, Henry and Will learning guitar and drums, Will’s plan to start a band with his friends, and band names.  In the News we talk about the new discovery that platypuses are blue/green fluorescent and flying squirrels glow pink, a town in Kentucky that elected a French bulldog named Wilbur as mayor, racoons who robbed a bank, and a man in Indonesia whos house was destroyed by a meteorite worth over $1million.  We play a round of One Word Story.  Finally, for Treat Yourself, we try two different kids of Snyder of Hanover’s chocolate covered pretzels, dark chocolate with holiday shapes and milk chocolate covered peanut butter filled pretzels.