Episode 234 – Phoebe’s Return, Cactus Smuggling and Pandemic Bloggers

Phoebe, Elizabeth and Elizabeth’s friend Beks talk to Dad about Phoebe’s return after being a missionary for a year and a half, Phoebe’s missionary driving, what Phoebe learned about surfing, Elizabeth and Beks’ new vacuum, catching up with Phoebe, being a missionary vs. being a student during the pandemic, Phoebe and Mom’s idea to start a podcast about the YouTube series Provo’s Most Eligible.  in the News, we talk about researchers using the snow animation from Frozen to help explain the Dyatlov Pass Incident, pets that are being banned from legislative Zoom hearings in New Hampshire, a woman who was caught smuggling 947 cactuses into New Zealand by strapping them to her body, and an Amber alert that was sent out by Texas DPS for Chucky, the killer doll from Child’s Play.  Phoebe takes a Dad Quiz to see if she is aware of stuff that happened over the last year and a half.  Finally, for Treat Yourself, we try some avocado fudge that Phoebe brought back from Fallbrook, California, and some ice cream taiyaki (fish-shaped dessert cakes) from a Korean grocery store.