Episode 68: Textbook Yoda, Whoppers and Knoppers and the End of the World (featuring Jerry James of The Foxymorons)

Phoebe talks to Dad about her chill school schedule and makes some admissions she shouldn’t make.  Dad talks about entering a chili cook-off for the first time.  Dad and Phoebe once again give some unsponsored love to Sonic and Dr. Pepper.  Phoebe talks about the pink sweatsuit we bought for Maisy, our Boston terrier.  In News, dad shares a story about scientists at University of Texas-Dallas who have created an electricity generating yarn that harvests energy when it is twisted or stretched.  Phoebe reads a story about a Saudi Arabian textbook that was somehow accidentally printed with a picture of Yoda sitting next to the Saudi Arabian king at the United Nations.  Dad talks about an ominous end-of-the-world emergency warning that broadcast to cable subscribers in Orange County, California, and also about an end-of-the-world prediction by conspiracy theorist David Meade that failed to come true this week.  Jerry James from podcast favorite band The Foxymorons appears via Skype and talks to Dad and Phoebe about music.  Jerry talks about living in different cities from his writing partner, David Deweese.  Jerry, Phoebe and Dad discuss What You Listening To, and give the following recommendations:

Jerry James:

  • Isaac Alexander, “Twist At The End” from the album, Like a Sinking Stone
  • The War on Drugs, “Up All Night” from the album, A Deeper Understanding


  • Rusty Clanton – “You’re In My Head” from the album Calm and Normal
  • Oh, Wonder, “High on Humans,” from the album High on Humans


  • Soccer Mommy, “Out Worn” from the album Collection
  • The National, “Day I Die,” from the album Sleep Well Beast

Finally, Henry and Will join the podcast for Treat Yourself, and the family tries Vanilla Milkshake Whoppers and Knoppers Milk Hazelnut Wafers.

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