Episode 77 – Upside Down Christmas Trees, Annoying Snowman and Shockingly Red Twinkies

Phoebe talks to Dad about the movie Coco, the polarizing Olaf short before Coco, the kids’ piano recital, and finally getting the Christmas tree up.  Phoebe talks about her musical Christmas season, being in orchestra, choir and piano all at the same time, with Christmas performances for each.  Phoebe and Dad talk a little bit about music theory and Phoebe explains stuff to Dad.  In the News, Dad tells a story of a man in India that had surgery because he had swallowed 263 coins and a hundred nails.  Phoebe reads a story about a trend of selling upside-down Christmas trees.  Dad and Phoebe discuss a story about a man who catfished a woman on the internet, but the situation had a twist happy ending.  Dad and Phoebe play a round of Christmas Either/Or and Dad talks about Christmases when he was a kid and the first Christmas he spent with Mom.  For Treat Yourself, Phoebe and Dad try some Christmas treats: gingerbread BellVitas and peppermint Twinkies.

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