Episode 82 – 2017 Year-In-Review, Memes of the Year, and Cereal Bars

Phoebe talks to Dad on New Year’s Day about weird sleep habits, visiting Dad’s office, Phoebe’s plan to get new glasses and very cold weather.  Dad and Phoebe talk about Boxing Day and their hopes for the new year.  In the News, Dad relates a story about the Coney Island Polar Bear Club’s annual ocean swim, in record cold weather.  Phoebe tells a story about a cookie-snatching, police-taunting squirrel in Rochester, New York, then Dad tells a story of two men in Hawaii who were best friends for over 60 years before finding out that they were brothers.  Phoebe and Dad give a list of ten things they liked in 2017.  Finally, for Treat Yourself Dad and Phoebe try some cereal (Lucky Charms, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, and Golden Grahams) treat bars.

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