Episode 83 – Binks: A Jar Jar Story, Frozen Iguanas, and Jerkish Apes

Henry and Will talk to Dad about The Last Jedi, school starting up again, Will’s funny photoshop projects, and excitement for Black Panther and Infinity War.  Dad talks about the family’s obsession with Dr. Mario and Street Fighter II, and Henry talks about his obsession with Super Metroid.  In the News, Dad tells about iguanas in South Florida that are freezing and falling from trees.  Will reads a story about Louisiana police issuing an arrest warrant for Elsa from Frozen.  Henry reads a story about a dog in Pennsylvania that was carried away by an eagle, but made it back to its family.  Dad has a science story about experiments to determine whether bonobos prefer jerks or nice apes.  Will and Henry play a round of Either/Or.  Finally, Will, Henry and Dad try a couple new flavors of Oreos: hot and spicy cinnamon and hazelnut chocolate.

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