Episode 85 – Tide Pods, Botox Camels and Pizza Rolls

Phoebe talks to Dad about piano festival, academic decathlon, training Maisy, the Boston terrier to play the piano, Somebody Feed Phil on Netflix, New Orleans, and the time Dad told a stupid joke, but it made him laugh so much he was crying.  In the News, Dad reads a story about the Humanity Star, a new satellite which is basically a disco ball in the sky. Phoebe read a story about a pizzeria that’s serving PIEd Pods, a pizza, edible version of Tide Pods, which leads to a discussion between Phoebe and Dad about whether the Tide Pod Challenge is a real thing. Dad reads a story about camels in Saudi Arabia that were disqualified from a camel beauty contest for use of botox.  Phoebe and Dad play a few quick rounds of Would You Rather.  Finally, for Treat Yourself, Phoebe and Dad rate Macaroni, Cheese and Bacon Flavor Totinos Pizza Roles.

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