Episode 86 – Buttered Popcorn, Super Blue Blood Moons, and Cereal Milk

Will, Henry and Mom talk to Dad about robotic catapults, the weather and lack of snow.  Mom gives a Maisy update (now with a drop!) about Maisy’s anger toward the roofers.  The podcast discusses Jelly Bellies and their favorite flavors.  Will and Dad talk about the Ant-Man and The Wasp trailer and the sound that comes at the start of all action movies.  The boys and Mom and Dad talk about the recent super blue blood moon, a rare occurrence, and about waking up for strange reasons in the middle of the night.  In the News, Dad shares a story about a woman who tried to bring an “emotional support peacock” on a New York to Los Angeles airplane flight. Henry reads a story about New Hampshire Man, who bit a police dog, and Mom reads a story about fights breaking out in France because of sales on Nutella.  Finally, Will reads a story about a man on a motorcycle in Augusta, Georgia that got sucked into a sinkhole at a shopping center.  Mom shares a Mom Quiz about Dad Jokes.  For Treat Yourself, the podcast tries a couple of different flavors of instant cereal milk.

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