Episode 87 – Lady Doritos, Starman and Batterliciousness

Phoebe talks to Dad about fuzzy blankets, Super Bowl snacks, Phoebe’s choir accomplishments, and the flu epidemic.  Dad gives a Maisy Update about our dog utterly destroying some IKEA pillows.  Dad reveals his one natural talent. Phoebe talks about her wave of panic caused by reading the clock wrong.  In the News, Phoebe shares a story about a standoff in Scotland between the police and a stuffed toy tiger.  Dad talks about the furor over “Lady Doritos” and Space X’s “Heavy Falcon” test launch.  Phoebe and Dad talk about whether or not they would volunteer to settle Mars, and about whether having strong opinions about things is good or not.  Mom joins Phoebe for a Dad Quiz on professional sports teams, real and fake.  Finally, the podcast tries Batterlicious edible cookie dough.

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