Episode 94 – Cracking Knuckles, Florida Woman Gets Married and A Can of Sardines

Will talks to Dad about the family’s trip to Portugal, that one time his school binder started blowing away in the wind, and tips for succeeding in middle school.  Dad talks about the legal conference he attended this week, and the chili cookoff he won.  Dad and Will discuss Easter and the movie Isle of Dogs.  In the News, Dad reads a story about a scientific, mathematical model that was developed to explain the noise that knuckles make when you crack them.  Will reads a story about a guy who posed a creepy clown in his wedding pictures and hid it from his wife for a year.  Dad reports on Florida Woman marrying a tree.  Will plays Either/Or with Dad.  Finally, Henry joins Dad and Will for Treat Yourself, and they try treats from Portugal, including canned Sardines, Nutella B-ready candy and Kinder Bueno candy.

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