Episode 95 – Zombie Raccoons, Wombats, and Tweeted Dad Jokes

Phoebe talks to Dad about the fact that the podcast has been around for almost two years, her thoughts about Portugal (including the night that Dad and Phoebe wandered around the oldest neighborhood in Lisbon), the difference between gelato and ice cream, Dad starting to buy vinyl records again, Dad and Phoebe’s upcoming road trip to Austin, Buc-ee’s, kolaches in West, Texas, In News, Dad talks about the zombie raccoon threat, and Phoebe reports on a job posting for a Netflix binge watcher.  Dad reads a story about cookies at a Bangor, Maine day care that did not have any controlled substances in them. Phoebe and Dad talk about a woman’s ex falling through her ceiling in Salina, Kansas.  In a new segment called Jokes Dad Tweeted, Phoebe responds to stuff that Dad wrote on Twitter.  In Whatcha Listening To? Phoebe introduces the following songs:

  • The Wombats – Greek Tragedy
  • The Bad Suns – Cardiac Arrest

And Dad introduces these songs:

  • Chvrches – Get Out
  • Lucy Dacus – Addictions

Finally, for Treat Yourself, Phoebe and Dad try Oreo Thin Bites in Coconut Cream and Mint Cream flavors.

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