Episode 99 – Armadillos, Stinky Fruit and Robot Dog Funerals

Phoebe talks to Dad about Phoebe’s busy schedule as she gets ready to graduate from high school, upcoming AP tests and musical performances, Maisy’s tendencies to lick Phoebe as she practices piano and run out the door (even on a rainy day), Blaze Pizza (not a sponsor), and boba drinks.  Dad and Phoebe talk about seeing a family of armadillos, and Dad shares some interesting facts about armadillos.  In the News, Dad tells about a university library that was evacuated because of the horrible smell of durian fruit.  Phoebe shares a story of a Buddhist temple in Japan that offers funerals for robot dogs. Finally, for Treat Yourself, Phoebe and Dad try limited edition Ruffles potato chips: Jalapeno Ranch, mozzarella and marinara, and loaded bacon and cheddar potato skin flavors.

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