Episode 235 – The Great Texas Freeze of 2021, Nanochameleons, and Vladimir the Talking Ape

Will and Allison talk to Dad about the extreme cold that Texas had this week, getting snow, rolling blackouts, extreme cold, playing games by candlelight, missing school, grocery shopping during the disaster, and Will and Henry’s practices for their band.  In the News, we talk about an 18,000-year-old musical instrument, bright blue and green dogs in Russia, the discovery of… Read more →

Episode 229 – Mothman, Christmas Pajamas, and Jerk Octopuses

Elizabeth, Will and Henry talk to Dad about making a Phoebe-bot, Boxing Day, Christmas presents, mothman, cryptozoology, family Christmas traditions, Christmas lights, Christmas pajamas, Christmas tamales, the movie Klaus, Wonder Woman 1984, Christmas movies that aren’t recognized as Christmas movies, and gingerbread houses.  In the News, we talk about a new gingerbread monolith in San Francisco, a study that suggests… Read more →