Episode 153 – Promposals, Slushies and Useful Japanese Phrases

Phoebe talks to Dad about being home from college, being nostalgic about high school, the smell of schools, being independent, the upcoming Japan trip, the podcast’s hiatus, Phoebe’s mission preparation, the musician that work’s in Dad’s building, packing, and useful Japanese phrases.  In the News, the podcast discusses promposals, a woman who save her self and her cat after driving… Read more →

Episode 149 – Mysterious Pink Pony, Official Hellbender and Strawberry Twinkies

Phoebe and Allison (Mom) talk to Dad about Phoebe and Dad talking over each other, the weather, flowers on college campuses, Phoebe’s mission assignment to southern California, Phoebe’s planned trip to Houston, Jolly-B, the end of Phobe’s first year in college, Mom’s upcoming trip to pick up Phoebe, strange weather warnings in Texas, and potential disasters in California.  In the… Read more →

Episode 146 – Haunted Grocery Store, Tokyo Hacks and Missionary Guesses

Phoebe talks to Dad about Jameela Jamil (apologies for mispronouncing both her and her character’s name), the crazy hail storm in Texas, Phoebe’s long-awaited acceptance into the music therapy program at college, Phoebe’s decision to serve an LDS mission, speculation on where Phoebe will be sent as a missionary (send us your guesses to talktodadpodcast@gmail.com or tweet us at TTDPodcast… Read more →