Episode 215 – COVID Anxieties, Vivid Dreams and Loud Animals

Elizabeth and Allison (Mom) talk to Dad about Jersey Shore, the pandemic, Elizabeth’s COVID scare, Dad’s strange and vivid dreams, Allison’s stress dream, Dad’s obsession with Detroit-style pizza, different kinds of pizzas.  In the News, we discuss a chord change that only happens about every seven years for the longest piece of music, David Blaine’s stunt flying over an Arizona… Read more →

Episode 213 – Not-Quite-Extinct Animals, Transparent Toilets and Indian Shakes

Allison (Mom) and Will talk to Dad about school starting, Will’s hipster teachers, the family’s new wifi mesh system, Mom’s issues with wires, Legend of Korra, Allison’s English as a second language group chats, Zoom calls, and teachers who tell bad jokes. In the News, we talk about Somali sengi (elephant shrews) that were recently rediscovered by science, animals that were… Read more →

Episode 212 – Robot Playwrights, Star Teeth and Biscoff Sandwich Cookies

Will and Henry talk to Dad about their end-of-summer beach vacation, listening to The Giver and Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, Dauphin Island, jellyfish stings, Dad slashing his finger with a crab claw, then supergluing it together, Airplane!, school starting, and The Epic Poem: Mastermind by The Real Frii.  In the News, we talk about calcium coming from exploding stars, robots in the Czech Republic who… Read more →

Episode 211 – Backyard Movie Theater, Screaming Inside Our Hearts, and Avatar The Last Airbender Quiz

Henry and Will talk to Dad about their backyard movie theater, their upcoming Alabama beach vacation, hurricane names, Will and Henry’s summer music project, riding a bike, Will’s comic book idea, and the plan for the 2020 school year.  In the News, we talk about people receiving mystery seeds from China, a public service announcement in Japan telling people to… Read more →

Episode 207 – Clinical Vampires, Flying Snakes and Moxie Soda

Henry talks to Dad about feeling sick during a pandemic, Elizabeth’s birthday, the 4th of July, watching Hamilton on Disney+, fireworks, giving blood, and the thing that’s hard about this stage of the pandemic.  In the News, we talk about a new comet, Neowise, visible in the sky, snakes that fly through the sky, and a local fireworks display that… Read more →