Episode 247 – Phoebe’s Tiktok Controversy, Cousin John’s Wild Backyard, and Weird Food Combos

Phoebe and Phoebe’s cousin John talk to Dad about John’s entrepreneurial ventures, critters and dangerous playground equipment in John’s yard, Phoebe’s Tiktok controversy, and John’s little sister watching baby birds get eaten by a snake.  In the News, we talk about the FDA warning people with seafood allergies not to eat cicadas, a chicken nugget that sold on eBay for… Read more →

Episode 245 – UFO Report, Magic Shirt and Tardigrade Ghosts

Henry and Allison (Mom) talk to Dad about school ending and summer beginning, Will and Henry’s high adventure camping trip, Mom and Dad’s upcoming trip to Fredricksburg and Austin, Will and Henry’s jam sessions, plans to build a pool and Holliday Inn Holidomes.  In the News, we talk about the US government’s upcoming report on UFOs, an experiment where scientists… Read more →

Episode 244 – Soundcloud Artist, First Cow and Whozeewhatzit

Henry and Will talk to Dad about getting a cold and not getting Covid, Henry’s vaccine, the new normal after the pandemic, rain, Will’s new music release (Extended Fantasy by BBoy, available on Soundcloud), and the school year ending.  In the News, we talk about the tiger that was running around loose in a neighborhood in Houston, free vaccines being… Read more →

Episode 242 – State Songs, Sweet Potatoes and Pink Unicorn Slime

Phoebe talks to Dad about getting stuck at a railroad crossing, the UTA jingle, Utah’s state song, the Texas state song, the Texas state pledge, weird food TikTok videos, trending recipes, mini waffle makers, Phoebe’s in-home care job, sweet potato popsicles, intense cello teachers.  In the News, we talk about the prevalence and speed of tyrannosaurus rex, a man who… Read more →

Episode 241 – Henry’s Demo, Octopus Dreams and Fruity Pebbles Crisps

Henry talks to Dad about Henry and Will’s band, recording a demo of the song Henry wrote, dad’s strange obsession with electric guitars, today’s nature walk, Henry’s choir concerts, Maisy’s new TikTok videos, the best-selling musical artists of all time, and the Beatles.  In the News, we talk about a mysterious creature in Poland, a shortage of garden gnomes, and octopus dreams. … Read more →

Episode 240 – Second Round Vaccinations, Brain Glue, and Flamin’ Hot Cheeto’s Mac and Cheese

Elizabeth and Allison (Mom) talk to Dad about Elizabeth’s second vaccine, substitute teaching, getting shots, how injections work, magic eye illusions, pandemic fatigue, and fear of shots.  In the News we discuss Coinstar cashing in for the guy who got his final pay in 90,000 oily pennies, a woman who cut off her world-record-long 24-foot-long fingernails, a man who robbed… Read more →