Episode 119 – Royal Crown Cola, Vegetable Swears and Gruesome Halloween Candy

Elizabeth talks to Dad about RC Cola, Moon Pies, Stella Parks, sleep schedules, the dreamless sleep of anesthesia, Elizabeth’s bad experience coming out of anesthesia as a child, the family’s first-hand durian experience while eating out and pumpkin spice season.  In the News, Dad reads a story about Fortnite being named as the cause of divorces.  Elizabeth reports on a… Read more →

Episode 116 – The Kids’ Menu, Noodle Burglar, and Sher-bert

Elizabeth and her friend Caralyn talk to Dad about college summer classes and the start of Elizabeth’s senior year, Caralyn’s plans to become a medical examiner, ordering kids’ meals at restaurants, police department stories, trimming the dog’s nails with a Dremel, and Elizabeth’s cat’s fleas.  In the News, there’s a story about a new world record for the longest history… Read more →

Episode 114 – Oreo Extremes, Pokemon Grandpa and Fake News Quiz

Elizabeth and Phoebe talk to Dad about International Left-Handed Dad, National Filet Mignon Day, Phoebe’s departure, Phoebe’s t-shirt quilt project, Dad’s cancelled California trip, the family’s game night marathon, the greatness of the Zelda games, parapraxis in pop music, Dad’s nightmare, and yet another unpaid Sanpellegrino ad.  In the News, Elizabeth shares a story about a grandpa in Taiwan who… Read more →

Episode 112 – Back-alley Vulture, Boba Straw Crisis and Mochi Ice Cream

Phoebe talks to Dad about the impending end of summer, the countdown to college, all-nighters, Pheobe’s t-shirt quilt, the jeans quilt that Dad’s ex-girlfriend gave to him, Harry Potter books and movies, Harry Potter’s birthday, Mom and Dad’s anniversary, the vulture in the back alley, and Maisy’s birthday.  In the News, Dad and Phoebe talk about a test for self-driving… Read more →

Episode 111 – A Fish With Human Teeth, Brain Freeze and Cat Poop Parasites

Will and Henry talk to Dad about vacation and their family reunions in the mountains of Utah and Colorado, raspberry shakes, hiking, seeing a moose, San Pellegrino’s unofficial sponsorship, Snow Moutain Ranch, seeing deer and a porcupine, playing frisbee golf, tubing down a summer tubing hill, ziplining, rock climbing, minigolf, Ant-Man and The Wasp, Henry’s birthday, Nintendo Labo,and games we… Read more →