Episode 90 – Cloned Dogs, Tardigrade Eggs, and Sousaphones

William talks to Dad about robotic catapults, the suspiciousness surrounding his cell phone number, the awesomeness of Black Panther, post-credit scenes, Dad’s no-candy-no-drive-thru-no-convenience-store diet, and the family’s upcoming trip to Portugal.  In the News, Dad talks about Barbra Streisand’s clone dogs, Will reads a story about a man who stole a pot of meatballs, and Dad discusses a new species… Read more →

Episode 89 – Bubble Bobble, Toilet Cat, and the Gentleman Jewel Thief

Elizabeth talks to Dad about grammar, prescription drugs, cough medicine, hypothetical neighbors, Elizabeth’s video game achievement, Bust-a-Move 2, and Elizabeth’s growing cat.  Dad gives a Maisy Update.  In the News, Dad tells about  Pennsylvania teenager who is running for Governor of Kansas, Elizabeth reports on a skier in New York that turns up in California a week after going missing… Read more →