Episode 127 – Drunk Raccoons, Insulting Board Games and Old-Timey Diseases

Elizabeth talks to Dad about tarantulas, a hypothetical about your least favorite animal, Dad’s visit to the dentist, nitrous oxide, smoothies, Dad’s Coke Zero habit, carbonated sodas, Elizabeth’s two vices, Dad’s upcoming Japanese test, TV dinners, and Elizabeth’s teaching certification test. In the News, there’s a story about “rabid” raccoons that are actually drunk on fermented crab apples. Dad talks… Read more →

Episode 126 – Plogging, Two Tons of Durian, and Prank Calling the College Kids

In a mostly kid-free podcast, Allison (aka Mom) talks to Dad about the boys’ upcoming long walk, Dad’s trip to Los Angeles, surprising Will on his birthday, Mom’s hectic week, parkour, Dad’s travel mishap, David Chang’s Majordomo restaurant, Little Tokyo, the UCB Theater, the wildfires in California, the cold weather, beanies, people who wear beanies in summer, people who wear… Read more →

Episode 124 – Dining Hall Hacks, Nosewarmers, and Pumpkin Pie Candy

Phoebe talks to Dad about college dining hall food hacks, the grocery outlet store, visiting her great-grandparents, sick family members, Maisy’s fondness for playing catch, the party room resident at the assisted living center, Dad’s Japanese studies, Terrace House, the Halloween Howl, hypnotism, Halloween costumes, and Dad’s birthday.  In the news, there’s a story about the recently discovered oldest archaeological… Read more →

Episode 123 – Googly Eye Crimes, Fat Bears and Fab! Cookies

Elizabeth and Mom talk to Dad about the constant rain, Mom’s squeaky windshield wiper, Dad’s dentist office experience, Halloween costumes, Elizabeth’s passive aggressive tendencies when she was a teenager, Dad’s coworker’s discomfort with the podcast, and personal privacy in the Internet age.  In the News, Dad has a story about Nebraska’s new tourism slogan and shares a story about a… Read more →

Episode 121 – Quidditch Spectators, Cotton Candy Tacos, and Smash Mallows

Phoebe talks to Dad about college life, quidditch matches, snickerdoodles, swiping baking ingredients from the cafeteria, Mrs. Sigg, uses for cream of tartar, International Podcasting Day, Dad’s new Instagram account that is nothing but cloud pictures, being an enthusiast, the foods being served at the State Fair of Texas this year, and Halloween decorations.  In the News, Phoebe and Dad… Read more →