Episode 146 – Haunted Grocery Store, Tokyo Hacks and Missionary Guesses

Phoebe talks to Dad about Jameela Jamil (apologies for mispronouncing both her and her character’s name), the crazy hail storm in Texas, Phoebe’s long-awaited acceptance into the music therapy program at college, Phoebe’s decision to serve an LDS mission, speculation on where Phoebe will be sent as a missionary (send us your guesses to talktodadpodcast@gmail.com or tweet us at TTDPodcast… Read more →

Episode 141 – Turnip Valentine, Real-Life Quicksand and Phoebe Dad Quiz

Allison (Mom) talks to Dad (Greg) about Valentine’s Day, Texas winters, Mom and Dad’s weight loss efforts, The Umbrella Academy, upcoming musicals, Anastasia, Rasputin and the Romanovs, and the burden of kids’ homework.  In the News, there’s a story about a man who mistakenly got his wife turnips for Valentine’s Day.  Mom shares a story about someone who actually got… Read more →

Episode 139 – Toddler in the Claw Machine, Eccentric Billionaire and Expired Treat Yourself Treats

Phoebe talks to Dad about the weather, the coyote attacks, running, Dad’s grandmother’s funeral, high altitude, and Phoebe’s upcoming audition.  In the News, Dad and Phoebe talk about a man with an emotional support alligator, a toddler stuck in a claw machine, a Taco Bell in Osaka that sells okonomiyaki burritos, and a man who saved a woman’s life because… Read more →