Episode 139 – Toddler in the Claw Machine, Eccentric Billionaire and Expired Treat Yourself Treats

Phoebe talks to Dad about the weather, the coyote attacks, running, Dad’s grandmother’s funeral, high altitude, and Phoebe’s upcoming audition.  In the News, Dad and Phoebe talk about a man with an emotional support alligator, a toddler stuck in a claw machine, a Taco Bell in Osaka that sells okonomiyaki burritos, and a man who saved a woman’s life because… Read more →

Episode 138 – Cheetos Sandwich, Coyote Attacks and Cheating in Grade School

Elizabeth and her friend Caralyn talk to Dad about Elizabeth’s teaching observation, middle school, Heads Up Seven Up, corduroy, spelling tests, words that are hard to spell, Dad’s healthy 2019 so far, local coyote attacks, and raccoons.  In the News, there’s a story about a durian fruit being sold for $1,000 per fruit, another about a halfway constructed tunnel in… Read more →

Episode 133 – Antarctic Expedition, Death Metal Parrot and Bests of 2018

Phoebe and Elizabeth talk to Dad about Maisy’s Christmas present, Phoebe and Mom’s Fitbit challenge, Webkins, Christmas morning, eating tamales on Christmas Eve, finding out about the family’s upcoming vacation to Japan, New Year’s resolutions, Elizabeth’s goal to do a stand-up comedy open mic, and Mary Poppins Returns.  In the News, we talk about the first man ever to traverse… Read more →

Episode 132 – Spider-Ham, Glitter Bomb, and The Second Annual Christmas Music Sampler

Henry and special guests the Graham family (Henry’s friend Parker, his brother Oliver and their dad Josh) talk to Dad about Christmas trees, mannequin heads, dogs that bark at inflatable holiday decorations, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, and Transformers.  In the News, there’s an update on the aggressive coyote that’s been attacking joggers in our neighborhood, a new world record for… Read more →

Episode 131 – Snowmance, Donut Juice and Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Elizabeth and Mom talk to Dad about Christmas, the movie Love, Actually, pronunciation of the word “divisive,” Hallmark Channel Christmas movies, Elizabeth running into a middle school classmate at Best Buy, Elizabeth’s makeshift laptop repairs, and ugly Christmas sweaters.  In the news, there are stories about a KFC-scented fire log, a $500 brownie, Vitamin Water’s challenge to go without a… Read more →

Episode 130 – Yoda Marshmallow Roast, Trunk Kids, and Pet Sloths

Will talks to Dad about the weather, making a fire, the zen of roasting marshmallows, Christmas lights, Wreck it Ralph 2, Spider-man Into the Spiderverse, Black Panther’s Golden Globe nomination, the Dark Knight movies, Dad’s experience taking the Japanese Language Proficiency Test, Will’s orchestra Christmas concert, and the Undertale sequel Delta Rune.  In the News, there’s an update about the… Read more →