Episode 228 – Henry’s Cardboard Chair, Planetary Conjunction, and Google Assistant Mindreader

Henry and Allison (Mom) talk to Dad about Boxing Day, Christmas, Guy Fawkes Day, Henry’s tendency to organize things, wrapping presents, Henry’s cardboard chair he made for Engineering, our family’s history with kids defeating childproofing, Henry playing ping pong on school desks on the last day of school before the break, being tired of Zoom calls, the cool science behind… Read more →

Episode 220 – Clown Motels, Chonky Bears and Candy Popcorn

Will and Henry talk to Dad about how busy they’ve been, their gripes with their Choir director, Will’s job as a poll worker, Dad’s lukewarm take on politics, the KK Slider cover album of Sufjan Stevens songs, the etymology of “Indian summer,” the demise of the family’s pandemic above-ground pool.  In the News, we discuss the fifty creepiest places in… Read more →