Episode 68: Textbook Yoda, Whoppers and Knoppers and the End of the World (featuring Jerry James of The Foxymorons)

Phoebe talks to Dad about her chill school schedule and makes some admissions she shouldn’t make.  Dad talks about entering a chili cook-off for the first time.  Dad and Phoebe once again give some unsponsored love to Sonic and Dr. Pepper.  Phoebe talks about the pink sweatsuit we bought for Maisy, our Boston terrier.  In News, dad shares a story… Read more →

Talk to Dad D&D Episode 2: Middle Earth’s Most Wanted (or Crime and Fun-ishment)

Our heroes wander into town, only to discover that they are wanted criminals.  They flee as fugitives with the help of newfound friends, and connect with others, “chasers of truth”  who inform them of the true nature of their quest and the secrets behind the mysterious “remembrance” orbs and are somewhat disappointed to learn that the wizard Phineas has no… Read more →