Episode 89 – Bubble Bobble, Toilet Cat, and the Gentleman Jewel Thief

Elizabeth talks to Dad about grammar, prescription drugs, cough medicine, hypothetical neighbors, Elizabeth’s video game achievement, Bust-a-Move 2, and Elizabeth’s growing cat.  Dad gives a Maisy Update.  In the News, Dad tells about  Pennsylvania teenager who is running for Governor of Kansas, Elizabeth reports on a skier in New York that turns up in California a week after going missing… Read more →

Episode 81 – Jello Salad, Florida Man’s Year in Review, and the Definitive Fruit Chew Rankings

Elizabeth and her friend Caralyn talk to Dad about chips and dip, college football and their favorite Christmas gifts.  They also talk about Maisy and Boston terriers in general, and about cookbooks. And about jello salad.  The conversation detours to smelly apartments, smelly teenage boys, and high school students from Dad’s youth that would set hairspray on fire.  From there,… Read more →