Episode 160 – Travel Mishaps, Cow Cuddling, and Phoebe’s Secret Project

Henry talks to Dad about Henry’s birthday, crazy travel issues, our family reunion vacation, Dad’s grandfather’s funeral, riding on a boat at the lake, Phoebe’s secret project, the last of summer vacation, and Henry’s birthday presents, including Mario Maker 2 and Hollow Knight.  In the News, there’s a story about the 100 million bacteria that live on apples and make… Read more →

Episode 156 – King Bikkle, Goat Yoga and Faux Film Noir

Elizabeth and Phoebe talk to Dad about swinging a cat, being on break from college, Phoebe’s impending mission, the podcast’s 3-year anniversary, the vacation in Japan (where everyone loved us, but especially Henry), getting our picture taken by random people in Japan, Eggs n’ Things, our possible Japanese TV appearance, cooking, all the stuff we ate in Japan, Korean cheesy… Read more →