Episode 77 – Upside Down Christmas Trees, Annoying Snowman and Shockingly Red Twinkies

Phoebe talks to Dad about the movie Coco, the polarizing Olaf short before Coco, the kids’ piano recital, and finally getting the Christmas tree up.  Phoebe talks about her musical Christmas season, being in orchestra, choir and piano all at the same time, with Christmas performances for each.  Phoebe and Dad talk a little bit about music theory and Phoebe… Read more →

Episode 75 – Candy Corn Economics, Thanksgiving Carbs and Emotional Support Squirrel

Phoebe talks to Dad about how tired they are and how much they are both looking forward to the upcoming Thanksgiving break.  Dad and Phoebe talk about Thanksgiving, Friendsgiving, and how it’s not too early to start the Christmas season, and also about the diminishing marginal utility of candy corn.  Phoebe gives an update on her academic decathlon career and… Read more →

Episode 73 – Pre-Audition Falafel, Penguin Party, and Digestive Biscuits

Will talks to Dad about Halloween (also Dad’s birthday), costumes, the best and worst trick-or-treat candy, and whether or not Christmas season starts right after Halloween ends.  Will and Dad talk about Will’s audition for all-region orchestra, and their new, strange tradition of getting falafel before all-region tryouts.  Dad gives an update about Maisy, the Boston terrier, and about how… Read more →

Episode 69: Bat Cow, Bat Guano and Grape Ape

Will, Mom and Henry talk to Dad about citron honey tea and Will’s best grade in middle school based on drawing comic strips.  Dad announces his superpower: the ability to eat peanut butter sandwiches without drinking milk.  Mom talks about how Dad doesn’t drink when he eats.  Dad talks about his upcoming trips to Guatemala and Connecticut.   The boys and… Read more →

Episode 68: Textbook Yoda, Whoppers and Knoppers and the End of the World (featuring Jerry James of The Foxymorons)

Phoebe talks to Dad about her chill school schedule and makes some admissions she shouldn’t make.  Dad talks about entering a chili cook-off for the first time.  Dad and Phoebe once again give some unsponsored love to Sonic and Dr. Pepper.  Phoebe talks about the pink sweatsuit we bought for Maisy, our Boston terrier.  In News, dad shares a story… Read more →