Episode 280 – Favorite Cryptid, Suspect Job Interview and Betty Buzz Tonic Water

Will and Elizabeth talk to Dad about Danny DeVito, vocabulary, Elizabeth’s move, Murphy beds, sleeptalking, hypnogogic hallucinations, solipsism, Mom’s heroism, the Animal Collective concert, and lighting design.  In the News, we talk about an Oklahoma man who killed his friend because he thought he intended to feed him to bigfoot, an American tourist who fell into Mount Vesuvius, and a… Read more →

Episode 275 – Devil Will, Creepy Dolls and Nitro Pepsi

Elizabeth and Will talk to Dad about swimming, Mother’s Day, sparkling waters, serving sizes, Elizabeth’s wasp story, and Will’s fame as a portrayer of Satan.  In the News we discuss this year’s Video Game Hall of Fame inductees, creepy dolls washing up on Texas beaches, and a woman who found an ancient Roman sculpture in a Texas Goodwill thrift store. … Read more →

Episode 274 – Orange Juice and Cereal, The French Toast Game and Crunchy Cookie M&Ms

Phoebe talks to Dad about Phoebe’s summer plans, springtime, Phoebe’s small business, Venmo, Utah soda culture, Crumbl cookies, Phoebe’s cello jury, the dentist, rock climbing, backyard improvements, weighted blankets, and our favorite quilts.  In the News, we talk about a rattlesnake that made itself at home on a Texas family’s couch, a new cereal made to be eaten with orange… Read more →