Episode 250 – Ceiling Fan Talk, Giant Hailstone, Indian Snack Chips

Henry and Allison (Mom) talk to Dad about Maisy’s habit of eating and drinking when the podcast starts, Dad replacing a ceiling fan, 1-900 numbers, long distance calling, upcoming birthdays, icebox cakes, peach crisp, and how exciting it is to become an adult.  In the News we talk about the largest hailstone ever recorded in the State of Texas, a world record set by stacking 5 M&Ms, a woman who wore the same Hawaiian shirt to 264 Zoom meetings without her coworkers noticing, and a lost Rembrandt that was discovered because it fell off the wall of the Italian family who owned it.  Will joins the podcast and we play a new game, the Dad Joke Game. Finally, for Treat Yourself, we try snack chips from India Bazaar.