Episode 258 – Ancient Footprints, Gravestone Fudge and Santi’s Face of Disgust

Henry talks to Dad about American pizza toppings, cough drops, word pronunciations, Santi’s birthday, Free Guy, Dad’s movie theater seating hack, Henry’s upcoming talent show performance, and Henry not going to Homecoming.  In the News, we talk about a discovery in New Mexico that suggests humans arrived in North America about 10,000 years prior than previously thought, a gravestone that… Read more →

Episode 257 – Larcenous Middle Schoolers, Time Crystals and Grimace’s Disturbing Backstory

Elizabeth and Mom (Allison) talk to Dad about the cryptic message on the family’s message board, Elizabeth’s experience at the school where she teaches and the the notorious “devious lick” TikTok trend, her students’ creative writing assignments, Mom’s English as a Foreign Language classes, Dad’s second viral TikTok post,   In the News, we talk about the time crystal that Google… Read more →

Episode 254 – Dinosaur Cake, Fridge Money, and Controversial KitKats

Elizabeth and her friend Caralyn talk to Dad about Caralyn’s wedding, Jurassic Park, Elizabeth’s school teaching, marriage, the story about when Allison learned of Dad’s stubborn persistence, the American-ness of Kraft macaroni and cheese and Spaghetti-Os, and eating sweet things with dinner.  In the News, we talk about recurring dreams, a baby shark that was born in a tank in… Read more →

Episode 251 – Black Widow, Kanye Jam, and Crispy Fruit

Will talks to Dad bout quitting his summer job, the strangely good weather in Texas, seeing Black Widow, Loki, the 4th of July, and Will and Henry’s Kanye West rhythm and blues jam.  In the News, we talk about face pareidolia (the tendency to see faces in things that aren’t really faces),  a couple who broke up after being handcuffed… Read more →