Episode 113 – Rogue Planet, Gangsters and Heavy Metal Grandpas

Henry and Mom talk to Dad about Mom and Dad’s twenty-forth anniversary, Hot Springs, Arkansas, Al Capone Does My Shirts, the kids at home with Mom and Dad gone, the back porch bird, band camp, school starting, and Henry and Phoebe’s crazy music video. In the News, there’s an update to the football-field-pooping school superintendent story, a story about the discovery of a new rogue planet, some nursing home residents in Germany who sneaked out to a heavy metal festival, and Twitter’s reaction to a fake quote tweeted by the governor of Texas. Henry, Mom and Dad discuss hypothetical questions about marrying a princess, if life were like a video game, and the worst ghosts in history to be haunted by. Finally, for Treat Yourself, the podcast samples some sparkling water from Mountain Valley Water from Hot Springs, Arkansas and Sundae Sweet flavors of Mike and Ikes.

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