Episode 122 – Mexican Treats, a Cereal Cafe and the Return of Emotional Support Squirrel

Will and Henry talk to Dad about being tired, getting enough sleep, plush sheets, our trip to Mexico, all the Mexican food we ate and things we saw, seeing axolotls and carnivorous plants, lucha libre, going to a cereal cafe, Centro Historico, Templo Mayor, an aquarium, Will’s all-region orchestra tryouts. In the News, Dad shares a story about a woman who was kicked off a Frontier Airlines flight for trying to bring an emotional support squirrel. Henry talks about a 2-year-old who shredded more than a thousand dollars in cash, and Will has a story about a 5 month old that is set to visit all fifty states in the USA. The podcast plays a few rounds of Would You Rather.  Finally, for Treat Yourself, the boys and Dad try some treats they brought back from Mexico: Bubu Lubu, Obleas, and Chilarines.

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