Episode 136 – Demon Dog, Weird Ducks and “Africa” in Africa

Phoebe talks to Dad about her new dorm room and roommates, snow at college, Phoebe’s Music Therapy auditions, dad’s new habit of walking to lunch at work, the weird duck that Phoebe knew when she was a kid, the crossing guard goose, Maisy’s weird reluctance to approach something surrounded by electrical chords, Phoebe cooking for her friends, and Dragon Ball.  In the News, Dad and Phoebe talk about an art installation in the Namibian desert that will play the song “Africa” by Toto until the end of time, a smash room in China where people can pay to smash household objects, and a self-driving Tesla that fatally destroyed an autonomous robot. Phoebe and Dad take a Dad Quiz called Who Wrote it: Edgar Allen Poe or an Emo Band?  Finally, for Treat Yourself, Mom joins the podcast to try some Valentine’s Day limited edition Hostess Cupcakes and Donettes.

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