Episode 139 – Toddler in the Claw Machine, Eccentric Billionaire and Expired Treat Yourself Treats

Phoebe talks to Dad about the weather, the coyote attacks, running, Dad’s grandmother’s funeral, high altitude, and Phoebe’s upcoming audition.¬† In the News, Dad and Phoebe talk about a man with an emotional support alligator, a toddler stuck in a claw machine, a Taco Bell in Osaka that sells okonomiyaki burritos, and a man who saved a woman’s life because he learned about CPR from an episode of the TV show “The Office.”¬† Phoebe and Dad discuss a hypothetical about an eccentric billionaire and a job spent in a dark room for eight hours a day.¬†Finally, for Treat Yourself, Dad and Phoebe try some expired candy they picked up at Logan Outlet, including Bit-o-Honey Chocolate and Pay Day Snack Bits.

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