Episode 185 – Friendly Parrots, Pig Cuddlers, and Xenobots

Elizabeth talks to Dad about biting your tongue, Elizabeth’s substitute teaching gig, Mom and Dad’s trip to Key West, Nancy Forrester’s Secret Garden and Buddy the Parrot, Donut Shop Guy, visiting Robert the Doll, hanging out at home with the boys, Infinity Train, and kazoos.  In the News, there are stories about the 70-layer, world-record breaking dip, a call for volunteer pig snugglers at a pig rescue, and tiny robots made of living frog cells.  Dad and Elizabeth play a few rounds of Would You Rather?  Finally, for Treat Yourself, Dad and the boys try three varieties of English “biscuits” (cookies), Cadbury Whispa Biscuits, Cadbury Chocolicious Biscuits, and Tunnock’s Caramel Wafer Biscuits.

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