Episode 194 – Toilet Paper Doomsday Clock, Clone Time Loop and Beanitos

Will talks to Dad about the end of the family’s self-quarantine, going grocery shopping, the toilet paper shortage, the doomsday clock, Mom’s April Fool’s joke, the way Dad paces when he talks on the phone, all the bread we’re baking, all the kinds of rice in the pantry, the different kinds of flour and yeast, and things to watch if you’re stuck at home.  In the News, there are a stories about an astrophysicist who got strong magnets stuck in his nose trying to build a Coronavirus safety device, a police department’s request for people to stop calling 9-11 when they run out of toilet paper, and a man who was arrested for teaching his dog how to drive.  Will and Dad discuss a couple of hypotheticals, one about a plastic box with a button that kills everyone, and another about being stuck in a time loop with your clone.  Finally, for Treat Yourself, Henry joins and we try a couple of strange chips from Amazon Fresh: Sesame Blues Corn Chips and Beanitos pinto bean chips.

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