Episode 70 – State Fair Stories, Supervolcano Anxiety and Banana Banana

Henry, Will and Mom talk to Dad about reaching the 70th episode, and whether or not they’ll make it to 100.  Dad talks about his recent trips to Guatemala and New York.  Will and Henry talk about their school color battle.  The podcast gives a recap of their trip to the State Fair of Texas, including the fair foods they ate, like Funnel Cake Queso Bacon Burger, Fried Texas Sheet Cake and Fat Smooth. In News, Dad talks about new research into the Yellowstone supervolcano and the chance that it may erupt with less warning than previously thought.  Henry reads a story about Oklahoma prisons using playing cards sold to inmates to try and help unsolved crimes.  Will has news about a one-ton, award winning pumpkin, and Mom reads a story about a school that was evacuated because of a pumpkin spice air freshener.  The podcast plays a round of Either/Or, then for Treat Yourself, everyone tries some treats that Dad brought home from Guatemala.

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