Episode 72 – Spoopy Things, Future Tech Brain Apps and Mystery Oreos

Will, Henry and Henry’s friend Jacob, talk to Dad about crazy stuff that’s been happening at their middle school lately, Super Mario Odyssey and their excitement to see Stranger Things season 2.  Dad gives updates on Maisy, the Boston terrier and the unusually cold weather.  Alexa (the family Amazon Echo) tells us a creepy story, then the boys teach dad the word “spoopy.” In the News, Dad talks about a man who tied a lawn chair to 100 giant helium balloons and traveled 15.5 miles in South Africa. Jacob gives us a Florida Man update, William talks about thieves in Hawaii stealing Spam, and Henry has a story about a noise-cancelling ramen fork from Japan.  Dad also talks about a man in Maine who accidentally kidnaps a baby by taking the wrong grocery cart.  The boys discuss a Brain app hypothetical written by Dad.  Finally, for Treat Yourself, the boys and Dad try pumpkin spice flavored Pop Secret microwave popcorn and Mystery Oreos.

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